Improves typography on your Jekyll site using typogruby, titlecase, and some other useful functions.

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Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'jekyll-typogrify'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install jekyll-typogrify

You now need to enable the plugin in your Jekyll web site. Append it to the gems array in your _config.yml file:

- jekyll-typogrify



Converts an ampersand (ex. &) converts a & surrounded by optional whitespace or a non-breaking space to the HTML entity and surrounds it in a span with a styled class.

<h1>{{ "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" | amp }}</h1>

<h1>Mr. <span class="amp">&amp;</span> Mrs. Smith</h1>


Surrounds two or more consecutive capital letters, perhaps with interspersed digits and periods in a span with a styled class.

<h1>{{ "A.B.C. Corp." | caps }}</h1>

<h1><span class="caps">A.B.C.</span> Corp.</h1>

Custom Capitalisation

Typogruby cap module doesn’t support having hyphens so there is a custom module:

<h1>{{ "North American P-51 Mustang" | jt_caps }}</h1>

<h1>North American <span class="caps">P-51</span> Mustang</h1>


Converts special characters (excluding HTML tags) to HTML entities.

<p>{{ "© Myles Braithwaite" | entities }}</p>

<p>&copy; Myles Braithwaite</p>

Initial Quotes

Encloses initial single or double quote, or their entities (optionally preceeded by a block element and perhaps an inline element) with a span that can be styled.

<h1>{{ '"Do not cry because it is over, simile because it happened."' | initial_quotes }}</h1>

<h1><span class="dquo">"</span>Do not cry because it is over, simile because it happened."</h1>


Applies smartypants to a given piece of text.

<p>{{ "Today I'm going to the... coffeeshop." | smartypants }}</p>

<p>Today I&#8217;m going to the&#8230; coffeeshop.</p>


Replaces space(s) before the last word (or tag before the last word) before an optional closing element (a, em, span, strong) before a closing tag (p, h[1-6], li, dt, dd) or the end of the string.

<h1>{{ "This is a rather long title." | widont }}</h1>

<h1>This is a rather long&nbsp;title.</h1>


Convert a given piece of text to titlecase.

<h1>{{ "i love toronto" | titlecase }}</h1>

<h1>I Love Toronto</h1>


Main function to do all the typogruby functions from the method.

<h1>{{ "Improve This Title" | improve }}</h1>

<h1>Improve This&nbsp;Title</h1>

Letter Spacing

Let’s make sure click doesn’t look like dick.

<p>{{ "There’s more to love with every click." | letter_spacing }}</p>

<p>There’s more to love with every <span class="fix-letter-spacing">click</p>.</p>

Em dash

Identify em dashes and surround them with a span.

<p>{{ "Upon discovering the errors—all 124 of them—the publisher immediately recalled the books." | jt_emdash }}</p>

<p>Upon discovering the errors<span class="emdash">&mdash;</span>all 124 of them<span class="emdash">&mdash;</span>the publisher immediately recalled the books.</p>